Red WHEN word around questions.Oh!!!! Tell me when

I am not much of a poet but I just scribbled this few days after I felt I should.

I thought about many things going on in our immediate environment and my heart really bled for many. All I need is someone who will tell me when

Yes when

When will my Facebook friends stop liking pornographic pages?

When will they stop commenting on +18 videos?

When will I be able to give my younger brother my phone to scroll through my news feed without contaminating his eyes?

When will you start using decent pictures as your profile picture even is you’re not decent anyway?

When will teens and youths realize that porn only destroys you slowly?

When will we start paying no attention to such pages?

When will that child of God remember that He is not of the world?

When will people open their eyes to the truth and stop commenting Amen on the posts of impersonators?

When will ladies stop dressing like mad women and guys like Psychiatric patients?

When will our pastors dwell their preaching more on God than Prosperity?

When will they be bold enough to scold an erring member and not think about the numerical growth of the church?

When will the students realize that examination malpractice is evil and should be sent away from amongst us?

When will we stop giving excuses for doing evil?

When will the so – called leaders of tomorrow start working towards it?

When will that black and beautiful lady stop looking like a white monster?

When will music and music videos stop preaching the propagation of evil?

When will ladies stand up against being portrayed as sex toys?

When will I be able to switch on the TV and allow my younger ones watch freely without keeping an eye on the programme being watched?

When will media houses begin to realize that that 18+ sign on that film is as useless as the P in Psychology?

When will I board a bus and listen to the music being played in it and my spirit will be lifted?

When will I stop hearing “I started in the church” from all these artistes?

When will I also stop hearing “I was the teenage choir leader” from the hip hop singer?

When will we start realizing the spirit behind songs?

When will I stop seeing the cleavage of these ladies?

When will we all come together and proudly say “I’m proud to be a virgin”

When will I stop hearing “We are in the time of grace?”

When will I start hearing “Shall we continue in sin and pray that grace abounds”

When will I see that teen’s choir leader grow into a gospel artiste?

When will I be in the midst of people and all I will hear will be spirit lifting songs?

When will I start seeing ladies and would be proud to take a second look?

When will Facebook start fulfilling the mission for which it was created?

When will +18 sites and pages get no attention?

When will Teens and Youths become vibrant tools in the hands of God?

When will strip clubs become a Once upon a time story in this nation?

When will we all realise that those few minutes of sexual pleasure can destroy a whole lifetime?

When, when and when.

Just tell me when

Oh when

Written by Akindele Boluwatife


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