PAEAN – A presentation by Lawal Kafayat Gold at “Who can dance” Season 2


I’m happy,

I’m happy,

I’m happy the son of God is my friend

Yes I am happy! So happy

And I wanna give praise.

James said when you are a merry man

Then, you should sing psalms

But you know what?

Life is not always a bed of roses

And though the just live by faith

There are times when things would be so gloomy

In those times, should we faint?

Even Psalms were not written when the psalmist was happy

“It is well” was the aftermath of a crisis

A singer once said when trouble comes my way

The lord I will praise

My generation changed and redefined

Only to success we are inclined


When failure comes a knocking at your door

Attractive distractions and distractive attractions

When death wants your life like its author

When there are lesser answers than questions

When u seem surrounded by foes

When everything keeps falling apart

When the eye sees nothing but woe

And the ear, a chain reaction of attacks

When tears drench your pillow all night

When sickness keeps its watch on me

When oblivion and obloquy seems my right

When strength fails even to weep

Tell me what do we do?

Written by Lawal Kafayat Gold


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