Who can dance? Season 2: The Overview

1974139_737537139592842_1937579311_oTo all those who were not around for Who can dance Season 2 of mine Teenage Ministry, this is an overview of how the programme went that day. It was really fun in God’s presence. Here is the overview:

And so that day was awesome

Time was short that we dare for more;

Amidst these scions and belles of Christ,

Joyous in his illuminating light.

We shouted “Siyabonga” saviour.

Mimo mimo to the lover of all

Dancing offering to the lord of hosts

With songs deep down from the Holy Ghost

That hilarious guy with Battery less phone

and his network less partner who’d not be fooled;

Sessional series of praise to our maker,

A time we sang paean to its owner

Came a touch of “fuji”

Offered to our maker in full “faaji”

Made my son dance with flexibility

And my dad showed ability on duty

When Adelani became a Jehoshaphat:

Ajagugbade was as shocked as Goliath

How unexplainable praise works….

When offered from deep down to our rock!

That terrific moment of worship:

When all hearts fell flat under his lordship,

The Lord of all got enthroned on our praise;

Our majestic friend sent a rain of grace.

We were higher than if we had smoked weed;

While we praised, our maker gave out creed.

Oh how sweet in his prese4nce…..

Before that man – our very essence

But then a question hasn’t been answered…..

Who on earth can be a dancer?

Neither a club lover nor a church goer

but he whose name is written up yonder!

Switch into this Lord of love—

One who can write your name above

Hell or heaven – none is farce

Accept Christ so you can dance…


Below are some of the pictures from the programme. You’ll enjoy sightseeing. Bet you don’t wanna miss the next one.532224_669049633154562_597097451_n 558694_669068849819307_2011864136_n 1010348_669072726485586_465980779_n 1010571_668952606497598_1707053296_n 1375776_669068163152709_431873824_n 1377160_669069326485926_919232179_n 1380799_669075359818656_2094418808_n 1383718_669074293152096_1973750863_n 1461077_668952659830926_982553509_n 1464627_669074806485378_454425078_n 1504024_669072929818899_659040922_n 1505199_669073393152186_212834099_n 1505479_669075209818671_919114630_n 1510664_669074093152116_1641385706_n 1559629_668952823164243_419687282_n 1743583_668953139830878_1932013612_n 1782168_669074906485368_572167478_n 1897026_669067896486069_736127877_n 1898252_669073409818851_1887637329_n 1901249_669068229819369_937088415_n 1901598_669068489819343_987648797_n 1902756_669068779819314_1759730323_n 1904094_668952219830970_880871942_n 1904121_669074946485364_2088454084_n 1920409_668952983164227_1690521526_n 1920605_668952603164265_438423289_n 1922070_669074376485421_417894888_n 1932205_669050033154522_406036672_n 1965009_668952239830968_49842666_n 1965024_669053396487519_1655536229_n 1966720_668953256497533_165490740_n 1969173_669094999816692_2144180359_n 1970460_669075386485320_1929323908_n 1970565_668952246497634_1809805650_n 1970746_669067299819462_852138760_n 1975142_669073713152154_2129409290_n 1978852_668952429830949_2108952901_n 1981952_668952443164281_941840218_n 1982121_669068079819384_242554390_n 1982338_668953449830847_1907571859_n 10003155_668953339830858_308835601_n 10006221_669054896487369_1961167640_n 10013954_668952456497613_545691051_n 10014571_669074289818763_1463928002_n 10014585_669073703152155_467436217_n 10014706_669063933153132_1345298742_n 10015026_669072943152231_739766391_n


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