Mine Teenage Ministry prepares for annual virginity day

altArEzsLD_bjr8xXgilBAK7ZqCUHAjUz2qYGRztzpP1-QGMINE Teenage Ministry, a ministry determined to Mould, Inspire, Nurture and Empower Teenagers and young adults alike for Christ earnestly prepares for her annual Virginity Day. The Virginity day is a programme held in every second Saturday in June. On this day, we advocate sexual purity by encouraging virgins to keep themselves until marriage and to stay faithful to their spouses afterwards. We also encourage those who have made mistakes to turn to God’s love and live sexually pure. A day set aside to celebrate the importance of Virginity and Sexual purity, to return to the norm of Dignity. Please note that those who have made mistakes or been molested once in life and are ready to turn to God totally are still welcome. Previous editions of this programme have been great and this promises to be greater by the grace of God. The programme is going to be held at various cities of Nigeria ranging from Lagos, Calabar, Ilorin, Abeokuta, Ibadan and so on just to mention a few.

The Date is 14th June 2014

Venue in the various cities and Time will be communicated later through this medium too.

This is a programme not to miss.

Plan and Prepare to attend…

You can like the ministry’s page Mine Teenage Ministry for regular updates on the programme.

You can join the conversation on various social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google plus and so on by using the hash tag       #Nosum or #VirginityDay2014

You can share this information on your social platforms and Let’s publicize dignity to the world. You might just be saving a young person.

We stand for Dignity, We stand for Purity!!!


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