Gift or Giver

But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added to you.  – Matthew 6:33

Yeah it’s been a while and I know, I was trying to improve myself in spiritual warfare until I got a leading to write while chatting with a friend today.
Yes it’s so good to know you will be reading this again and we will be learning together on matt6:33, Yes I trust the Holy Spirit to teach me too as am writing this, so let’s learn together *winks*

Am sure you have heard your pastor preach about this or heard that evangelist on your street screaming it or probably have read it yourself or even have amazing rhemas from it, maybe some of us are still Christians because of this verse or have been betrayed by it (like me). Yes I was because I didn’t understand it then *smiles*

Could remember vividly that this was one of the verses I learnt well as a new convert, in fact it’s one of the few scriptures I can quote by heart even if I was sleeping, yes I knew that much. I grew believing that once I just seek Gods kingdom then everything will be all smooth, no rough roads, will get an iPad or a murano jeep the next day (just kidding), but it was that serious. So each and every day I was practically expecting the goodies to come (as if it was that easy). Yes I had many promises from God even from His word, many times when I will hear Him tell me about my future, His Love, and other stuffs. Those days were days I always look forward to but when days turned into weeks and weeks into months, many questions kept coming to my mind like;

What was I not doing?

What was I not doing too well?

Was it because of my past sins?

Why are these stuffs not coming?

Is God a liar?

Many questions like that flooded my mind and most times I would cry till I can’t anymore asking God why and why…
Mehn!! It was that bad until I got a shocking response one of the days when I was asking my why’s *lol*, Yes it was a big shocker for me oh. When I heard Him ask me a question I couldn’t respond to…


Mehn that was the shocker, and that was the answer to all ma why’s.

You know often times we have transformed God in our heart to a father Christmas that all you need to do to get a gift is to buy the fun fair ticket, walk up to him and get your gift some of us are even like, God you know I’m saved so where are these other stuffs I’m entitled to? And I guess most times God just looks at us and laugh because we are getting the picture all wrong.
Because even the ones he gave us out of his mercy and grace we blow it all up like the prodigal son, we ask him for a phone and he gives us and we let the phone take his place in our life (hmmm that sounds like me) to the extent that we can’t even control ourselves when in church, we skip quiet time because we are chatting with a friend, we sleep with it at night and wake up with in the morning..

Hmm so bad
And The few times he holds back his gifts deciding not to give us we act like the prodigal sons brother, we get mad at him and stay outside his love, acts self righteously, “beef” our brother.. Hmmm!! very bad.

Do we not love the gift more than the giver? Are we not selfish beings that want His blessing and doesn’t want His discipline? Are we sure our salvation is not based on the goodies and not His love. Maybe this is why a lot of so called believers leave the faith and gives up on God because the only thing they were told about God was one out of the many things they should know.

God wants us to love Him through the Good and the bad, He wants us to love Him when He is near and far, He wants us to know Him both as a loving father and as a disciplined teacher. Yes God wants you to see him as a God and saviour not only as a Giver of gifts.

Will you stay with Him even when he says No to that your pressing want?


Written by Dada Temitope Dabest


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