Daddy’s boy

Men don’t cry!5930456_f520
That’s what they say, Yes they don’t but that’s
not before God’s awesome presence.
No man dar
e stands His glory, he dares not!
he rather kneels,
he bows down,
weeps endlessly,
he cries, he roles
on the floor. He just lays
before The Most High in whose sight no man
is man enough.
He stays trembl
ing, Pleading for help. He has
no where else to go.
He say “save me least i die”.
Men cry, real men do cry, not a cry for bread
or one born of pains but for help before
God’s presence.
I do cry, i n
ever outgrow the cradle and
curdle of my heavenly father. Years of my walk
with Him wil
never make me need less crying,
pleading for Grace and mercy.
No matter what men call me, i always remain
Daddy’s boy!
They seem to ac
cord me a hornor they think i
deserve, they cal me dady, papa, man of God,
pastor bla bla bla. . .
I just smile and sa
y in my heart
“i am noting but His baby boy”
Men cry, i hope u do too even more

Written by Kehinde Oloruntosin

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