Sex Education

elitedaily_cryingwoman3-485x323Beneath my panties are mysteries and secrets that have i have kept for so long
I never had the faceless courage to say them because i am afraid it could be wrong
I was raised to call my vagina ‘kini’ like vagina is some sort of disease
Why didn’t anybody told me its a passage way for humanity to increase ?

I was born with it, i mean a soft blood tissue membrane that covers my vagina called the hymen
But how come some men detest this seal of my authenticity that they made feel that its not ok to be brand new
And this point marks the beginning of my story

There is something about a vital red liquid hemoglobin called the blood
that flows in my body
And the first time it flowed through my vagina i was scared to death like i have some sort of bruise inflicted by some dream husband, an ideology from my old grandma who happened to be my closest buddy
But no, it was just my period, a sign that i am able to birth generations that could continue the race of humanity, a sign that someday i will have my own babies

Since then, i have been bleeding but not dying
Then i realised my inner strength as a feminine
A peculiar specie, a man with a womb
Not a whore or a woe unto man

Let me continue my story
Then my body begin to change
And my physiology and chemistry begin to rearrange
And for the 1st time i was looked upon differently even from a distant range
I felt like a woman but uncle Bobby didn’t tell me i was just in my teen age

Then one night i flaunted out my beautiful body with my new undulation
And he touched me in the dark
I was naive and innocent,i couldn’t scream
Again blood stained my white panties but this time, its not my period

I grew with this pain knowing that i will have some future explanation to do
And Uncle Bobby pretended like nothing happened
Be scared to come by my home uncle because i told my husband already
And trust me he has a gun and he just ready.


Olayinka Ojo and the new economy

Written by Olayinka Ojo

Editor’s note:

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  1. dapoet says:

    Good job..loved the ending..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much. God bless! You can also help by sharing the post on social network. Its all about Jesus. stay joyful sir!


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