Finishing Strong 1

finishing-strong (1)You do the wrong things

Watch the wrong films

Engaging freely in besetting sins

You make the wrong turns

Listen to the wrong songs

Yet you wanna finish strong

Who is deceiving who?

Me believing you, you deceiving me

In this holy place where we have come to seek Gods face boldly

But coldly you turn away with the sneer

That you wear whenever we correct you

And it affects you madly.

Badly you behaved though you claim youre saved.

I’ll tell you of a day

I experienced God in a new way.

I slept and dreamed of a dream that brought tears to my sacred cheeks.

I saw the graves opened and they flew to Heaven or to the sky

The ones we thought had died;

It was a day

Terrible, horrible and I was gullible thinking because I wasn’t drinking or having sex with my peers, I’d follow Him.

I saw people flying into the sky and I was left behind with many others;

Crying, wailing around the corners

How did I miss the rapture of the saint?

How did I my garment taint?

I wonder and you better ponder upon these things and repent from your sins.

I saw young and old, timid and bold going above

And I shoved aside,

Rooted to the ground as many tears abound

Making the greatest sounds ever and I knew I was finished forever

Call me a loser but I wasn’t ready to lose her

To lose worldly pleasures in unrapturous measures.

But I asked the Lord God what had happened;

Although at that point my brain wasn’t sharpened.

I wondered and pondered how my life would be

When I suddenly felt a thunder strike me

And got me begging on my knees as my tears never ceased

Let’s cut the long story short for it was a November to remember for ever

The race is not to the swift.

Only grace will lift the meek who’d surrender to His agenda

You cannot end a race you never started for then we’d be building castles in the air here and there.

Please give your life your life to Christ

To Jesus, who died to save us.

He’s ready to please us

Fall in love with Him and he’d never jilt us, He sees us

Please give your heart to Jesus today

For he is the way to God

Thank you

Written by Bravedave Abisoye Osifeko

Watch out for part two

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Editor’s note: Have you heard about #TheBibleSeries

The bible series is a divine initiative where i post designs of different bible passages throughout the month of May. It kicked off today 1st of May and will run through till 31st May. How can you be involved? You can share, download or even use the designs as dps and profile pictures. You can also as you’re led post several bible passages using the hashtag #TheBibleSeries.

Thanks. Please do inform others


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