Finishing Strong 2


Carefully, I stood by the window

Looking at Becca take her first steps was a delightful show

With her weak legs widespread

She takes a trip but still with victory looming in her head

I thought to myself

“Would she give up the training of herself?

“Would she quit trying?”

But this I know;

It doesn’t matter how you start; what matters is your finishing.

This reminds me of an illustration

Of an athlete on his track

Though he had all the hype on his back

He saw the race as a fight to finish

Baaam!!! Was the sound of the gun

And straight to the sound of the run

And straight the young man went into the lead

A hosts of other bests in their quarters he led

He had just about 200m ahead

And then he experienced a pull in his muscles

Sown he goes with his dreams, hopes, troubles and hustles

In pain, he gazes up and sees those he had led zoom past him with a bustle

Left in pain and agony on the track

He thought of hard work, training and self-denial

Then I believe he heard a voice in his head say to him;

“Are you going to waste all these years of hard work on the floor while you call it quit on the race?”

He bottled himself up to continue with a steady pace

With the look of pain, hurt, disappointment and agony on his face

He continued on his track and allotted space

Still on the track, he was helped by his father

He sought for support on his father’s shoulder

With careful but calculated limps, he finished the race

With tears and groans, he completed his task

What was his reward? You might care to ask!

He got the whole stadium on their feet!

And you, like a man rowing on the Mississippi

You may have had yourself and your boat turned in countlessly

But this is the mystery; what matters is your finishing!

You may have been beaten, hit or punched by the blows of sin

What matters most is your finishing!

Just like Becca or the athlete or even Apostle Paul

Never give up running even if you fall

I hope within the poem’s lines and rhymes

You have gotten something to help you through evil times

Because what would matter most to God on that day would not be how many rhymes you were able to hear and cheer

But how many of the words to which you were able to hear and adhere

In all that you do, remember this;

What matters most is your finishing!

Written by Isreal Oloruntoba Ayo


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