Pastor Timilehin Adigun at 30: Celebrating Impact

11154641_888131014579755_5489978582780280318_oFew days back, Bolutife Aremo Blog (B.A.B) had the honor of hosting a man of vision.Pastor Adigun Oluwatimilehin.

Please read the exclusive interview below and be blessed. i assure you.

B.A.B.: Good afternoon, please can we meet you?

Pastor Timilehin: I am Adigun Oluwatimilehin. I am a Christian. I love God passionately and serve Him dedicatedly. I am married to an amazing woman, Titilope and blessed with two wonderful children.

B.A.B: How does it feel to be 30? Pastor Timilehin: I feel “old”. I remember when I was under 10 years, even teenagers then seemed old to me. Crossing to 20s was something. Now, 30 Hmmmmm… It just tells me the years are passing by fast. 1

B.A.B: How did you discover this path? I mean how did mine teenage ministry come to be?

Pastor Timilehin: God made it happen. I had a passion for teenagers like myself. I was still a teen when it all started. God saw the passion and availability and He did the rest. He opened doors, gave me ideas, brought amazing supporters… and here we are.

B.A.B: Were there any major challenges in establishing Mine Teenage Ministry? If yes, how did you overcome them?

Pastor Timilehin: The only challenge was in daring to DREAM BIG. There were times I wanted to mellow but God always fires me back up and there has been no “big dream” we started to implement that wasn’t accomplished. B.A.B: What brings you the most joy?

Pastor Timilehin: Seeing lives transformed and restored. Nothing beats the joy I have when people share their testimonies of how God used me and/ or Mine Teenage Ministry to bless them. 2

B.A.B: It is only expected that there are times when you felt a bit disappointed and/ or discouraged; at such time, what keeps you going? 3 Pastor Timilehin: God keeps me going. He tells me things like “Timilehin, I’m proud of you” Then my wife. See, I couldn’t have asked for more. God exceeded my expectations when He gave me Titilope. Having her by me is enough encouragement in hard times. 4 Thirdly, my family is the best. Pastor and Mrs. Olatunji Adigun and my siblings, Tomisin, Toni, and Toyitan are the BEST.

B.A.B: Teenagers and young adults alike always exercise their youthful exuberance. How do you manage the excesses of the young ones around you?

Pastor Timilehin: I’ve learnt the power behind the words “correcting in love”. Some take it for granted which is expected but many have changed in the process. So, in essence, we balance love and discipline.

B.A.B: Who are your mentors in the ministry?

Pastor Timilehin: I don’t have any. I have many teachers but no mentors.

B.A.B: Life before venturing into ministry and now in ministry. What changed?

Pastor Timilehin: Nothing much. Except now all my time, energy and resources are streamlined. I’m able to focus better.

B.A.B: What is your greatest testimony? Pastor Timilehin: My salvation. I’m glad Jesus saved me. 5

B.A.B: Hmmm… Where do you see yourself and Mine Teenage Ministry as a whole in the next five years?6

Pastor Timilehin: I won’t answer that as I won’t put a limit to how much God will do. But one thing is certain, in five years, the international world would know Mine Teenage Ministry.

B.A.B: How do you manage ministry and family? How challenging has it been?

Pastor Timilehin: Balancing ministry and family has been easy and sweet… Why? Because family comes before ministry. I preach it. I live it and God gives the grace.

B.A.B: In conclusion sir, any final advise to every reader out there.

Pastor Timilehin: if you’ll forget other words in this interview, please don’t forget this: GOD LOVES YOU. He always did. He does. He always will. Stop running from Him. Rest in His love through Jesus Christ; the ultimate expression of the Father’s love. 7

B.A.B: Thanks sir for your time. I do not take it for granted. It was a nice time chatting with you. Honestly, I wish I could continue but all the same thanks so much and Happy Birthday.

Pastor Timilehin: Thank you too. Stay blessed.

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  1. taadewrites says:

    Awesome Personality.


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