fred-moody-a-better-nigeriaSince independence in 1960,

Hardly have we seen any beauty

They say: No, No, Youth my foot

Our talents, with hate they shoot!


We are bestowed no favour,

Up the hill we moan as we labour,

Fold not your arms, she is our fatherland!

Our country; not an hinterland


Arise oh ye youth!

For this task we cannot be mute.

Together we shall soar,

Like a Lion after its roar!


Arise oh ye youth!

Shake the dust off your boot.

We must run the race if we must conquer,

The shackles that behold the heartbeat of Africa.


You need not look farther

We will make Nigeria better

So sweet so sublime,

Like a meal with curry and thyme.


God bless Nigeria. Happy Independence Day!



Frederick Moody

Medicine, 300L

University of Ilorin.


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