Our youths dey play inside water
From Monday to Sunday, na beach.
Pictures go full social media,
Yet we want make country beta.
Dem dey shout ‘Thank God na Friday”
Like pikins dey scream “Up NEPA”
But when elections reach, dem go vex
Sey youths sef suppose dey in power.

Our youths no dey read again for Naija
Na so so runs and chips dem dey flow
“Na you wey sabi way be effiwe”
But dem wan grab power to do us well.
Pesin wey steal 5 naira today
Inside 10 naira wey he suppose watch
Go steal 50 billion tomorrow
When country money dey look him face

Who we dey deceive upandan
Dey shout sey we be leaders of today
When yesterday, we still dey reason
How we go take chop national cake?
Abi who we dey form for
Sey we wey dey watch film 24 hours
Go get sense think reality
If dem give us position to rule Naija?

Excuses don turn air and water,
We no fit survive without am.
Reason here, Reason there
We always get person to blame.
Yesterday, we go blame presido
Today, we go reason sey na our parents
Tomorrow, we go sey na the governor
But we no dey reason to change our sef

No be beans, and no be bread
No be play play be Naija matter
If you wan rule and you wan change us,
Make we see the change for your life.
No do magomago all your life
Then form saint when election reach.
Be the change wey you wan see for Naija
And one day, you go get chance to do am.

My name na Bravedave. And I believe in a beta beta Naija.


Bravedave is a writer, a poet, a Spoken Words poet, and a public speaker.

He owns a blog, where he hopes to change the world one person and post at a time.

He also writes, analyze, and debate sports on radio and TV in Lagos State.

You can reach him on:
Blog: and via email:


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Tee_Mee says:

    Oh my God! this is something different from the ordinary.simple & detailed in its own way. I believe in a Beta Naija!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Ojo Toyosi says:

    I want a Beta Naija….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We all do Toyosi! You’re an amazing being with the ability to do amazing things. Keep lighting 💡 up your world


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