Fathers in Autocracy #ReWriteNaija

nissi-independence-tributeSo called father’s
Who are only panthers
They don’t deserve
To be on that verve;
Which won’t last for eternity
It all counts down
To when the town
Was theirs
To willingly tear
There being no need for a seer
To tell that the time of compulsion
will come for the nation[then their’s]
To either change or spoil

The soil
Having the soul of the living
Who do the thriving
On their decisions
But always expecting the vision
Which they all say will be.
Life’s are maimed
Souls still pained from the greed
Scared of rising
To revolt the daily rising
Of the theft
Which has left
The national purse
To curse
These men
But although it does
It still sponsors
Them to their death
Which in ignorance they accept
Not realising its poisonous nature,
They see the future
Which their children will feature;
Unborn named properties,
Salaries and wages
They signate
Just to keep the currency
Flow through, in and about their pacy
Will an end time
ever come
Sure we believe
Because the future
Is now mature

nissiKayode Nissi Joshua


One Comment Add yours

  1. Tee_Mee says:

    The future is HERE.The moment is NOW!!
    This is a charge up Sir

    Liked by 1 person

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