We all know without an iota of doubt that the nation is presently in a state of economic recession. Reasons behind this recession remain hidden and unknown to us. Blames have been passed to different leaders in government- past, present and perhaps future. What we don’t know or tend to be ignorant about is that, “The ball is in our court”. The great Nigeria that different generations are waiting to see can be achieved- even from now- if we choose to gird up our loins and fight. Wait! I don’t mean with the fist or the fight with injuries as end result, I mean the fight that will make our generation witness the greatness of Nigeria.

I smile whenever I hear these words “Youths are the leaders of tomorrow”. I don’t think we understand the statement very well because if we do, this country would be what we want it to be. If I may ask: How do you want this country to be? Think deep and give yourself a sincere answer. It’s time we grabbed the bull by its horn and not allow it to happen the other way round.

Let’s consciously act out the way we want the country to be. If you want a country free of corruption, then you need to stop the corrupt act you engage in. If every one of us decides to act out how we want this country to be, then Nigeria will truly take a different shape. In whatever position of leadership we find ourselves (be it in our homes, within the confines of our cities or without), let us put this change we yearn for into practice. Let us totally avoid bribery and corruption, nepotism, tribalism, ethnicity, fanaticism, embezzlement of funds, changing of figures, among others. These are the pictures that tarnish the image of this great Nation.

This fight can be won with our collective efforts. Let’s jointly stand together for what is right. I want to be part of the generation that will say “Yes! We stood for the right thing even when the wrong was enticing but we stayed through to bring the greatness in Nigeria”. Nigeria is me and you; it is not the land mass. Let’s stop putting the blame on others and focus on doing what is right. Give this a try and watch the revolution of Nigeria from Grass heading towards Grace within the next three years. As we enter into another celebration of Independence, please know that Nigeria solely depends on me and you.

We can make it happen!

I am Proudly Nigerian,

Are you?




Orji Prince is a Writer, Poet, a Public Speaker and a Blogger. He is well-known for his spirit-igniting write-ups. He intends to reach out to every youth as much as possible and help them discover and develop their inbuilt potentials. His write-ups have been published in many blogs. Apart from the talents, he is a Lover of God. You can contact him through his E-mail:


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