I BELIEVE… Even if you dont


I was at a professional gathering some time ago. It was a closed door meeting with sixteen participants and a facilitator who was supposed to debrief us on somethings. The facilitator asked a question I had heard at different times and my answer still remained the same.

“I don’t believe in Nigeria. Who amongst you here believe in Nigeria?”

I was sitting at the last roll, so I noticed as all the hands in the hall were kept down, all but one – mine. I was the only one who believed in Nigeria.

She looked at me and ask again,
“You believe in Nigeria?”
“Yes, I do” I replied simply with a little smile on my face.
“I pity you. You are wasting your time” she muttered seriously and went on to tell her story of how “Nigeria has failed me”.

I really felt for her as she shared but it still didn’t change my stand.

The issue usually is that because a Nigerian leader or someone in Nigeria you ask for help doesn’t help, it automatically implies Nigeria has failed you. I dare put it to you today, that it is not Nigeria that has failed many…nah! Many have failed Nigeria!

Let’s look at something a little tangential. I am not much of a football fan, but I particularly like the fans of ‘the blues’. I discover that no matter how things turn out for the blues on the pitch, the fans, though pained, will always root for the team. They are just die-hard fans. They refuse to give up on their team.

Now back to Nigeria, I wonder why Nigerians do not root for Nigeria as much as they do for their favourite football teams.

Please as we celebrate Independence, can that change?

As long as we are particular about what Nigeria will do for us rather than what we can do for Nigeria, we will always feel disappointed. Now, I’m not trying to absolve the leaders of the country from their responsibility, but the truth is we must become responsible for ourselves.

We need to stop acting like we are still slaves to the leaders. We have been liberated, we should act like it!

So, if there is one thing I need you to change this Independence, it is that you should watch out for what you can contribute to make Nigeria manifest the greatness it holds.

I am Aremo Olalekan Oluwatobiloba, I believe in Nigeria and will actively do what I need to do to contribute my own quota to her greatness.

I believe in Nigeria, even if you don’t.

Happy Independence Day!

aremo-lekanI am Aremo Olalekan Oluwatobiloba, a blogger, I blog at 
aremotobi.wordpress.com. A life coach and content developer. I love God and I Love people. Follow him on twitter @asphumanbeing


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Tee_Mee says:

    “Now back to Nigeria, I wonder why Nigerians do not root for Nigeria as much as they do for their favourite football teams”…

    I wonder oo.well,I am a Nigerian.The change starts from ME


    1. Yes. Go and change your world dear


  2. thetrendors says:

    We still believe in Nigeria


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