It’s time to change the naija story 


 Stories hold energy. They keep us focused on the content and energy of life. Stories can also change things by pointing us in new direction.

                        What if the story of the present Nigeria is the wrong story?

                         What if we need to draft a new story, one that ensures a future for our children and the generations beyond?

                         What will the new story be? How would we want to live differently? Now and in the future.

                          Imagine if Nigeria decide to feed with locally grown and organically produced, healthy food, ensuring food security and a healthy community.

                          Imagine if everyone had ‘enough’; enough income, enough housing, and enough meaningful work.

                          Imagine that instead of the appalling income disparity, increasing poverty and the disappearance of the middle class, we all had our basic needs fulfilled.

                           Imagine we made the quality of our personal community connections our source of social security instead of how much money we had deposited in banks.

                            Imagine the titanic called Nigeria escapes the Iceberg called Corruption.

                            Imagine everyone lived in Peace and Harmony regardless of the tribe or locality.

                             Imagine we had standby 24 hours electricity.

                             Imagine education was free and students were given free lunch.

                             Imagine, Imagine, imagine, imagine, imagine…………………………………………

          So endless are the Imaginations

          How can we design and live into that new story?


          It is obvious that Nigerians desire CHANGE. Almost everyone agree on one thing, that we cannot continue the way we are. What is not clear is what exactly we want to change, how to change it and who to change it.

          The Government has a big role to play in bringing about change, but the people must be the change they want and drive the change they desire.

                                          “CHANGE STARTS WITH YOU!”

          When someone in the car ahead of you throws wastes on the road, drive next to him, roll down your window and shout, “CHANGE!!!”

          When you are in a queue and someone tries to force his way in front, scream “CHANGE!!!”

           At checkpoint, when a police officer stops your car and says, ‘oga anything for the boys’. Shout “CHANGE!!!”

           Any lecturer that wants to collect bribe either in cash or kind, shout to him, “CHANGE!!!”

           If the church/mosque near your house is using loud speaker to disturb the neighbourhood, visit the pastor/Imam and say, “CHANGE!!!”

          If someone answering a phone and lies about his/her location, shout “CHANGE!!!”

          When a fuel attendant tries to short-dispense fuel into your car, remind him/her about, “CHANGE!!!”

       Hilarious as it may seem, if you want a better Nigeria, if you want the new story of Naija to be real and possible, YOU’VE GOT TO CHANGE”

     Change is possible and Change starts with you!




   Kuranga Eunice is a writer and a certified lab technologist. Her passion and goal is to make the world a better place and help people discover themselves, this she hope to do with the use of her pen. You can find her on facebook @ Kuranga Eunice and her blog;


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