The Dream Job

It’s been a month now since Thomas called me to come see him about what he called a golden opportunity. I’m a young man in my late twenties, a university graduate for five years now, though jobless still. I’m only trying to make headways through short term and menial jobs, and you would understand how excited I’d be when someone calls with a so-called golden opportunity. I was elated indeed when he called. He said it was all about travelling out of the country and I was immediately very interested.

All through the morning i kept soliloquizing, seeing myself in tuxedo, concluding deals with Europeans in a dimly lit sparkling dinner party. I couldn’t wait till evening before strolling off work to Tman’s (Thomas’s nickname) hideout (as we call his house). There, he dropped the bombshell amidst persuasion and his so-called eye-opening speech.

What do i do? Maybe all my troubles were over? Maybe I could push drugs without getting caught? I’ve always been lucky, right? What if I do it just once? Maybe? Maybe?? Maybe???

As I took my leave, telling him I would get back to him, I kept pondering with a lot of thoughts fighting for my attention in my head. ‘I hate this country. She put me in this awkward condition and she’s making no serious effort toward getting me out. What do I care if everything gets in shambles as long as I’m not directly involved? I don’t care anymore, the lives of young people are already ruined, everything is ruined. Making it is all that matters.”

Thoughts twisted and turned in my head like a gymnast gunning for a gold medal at the Olympics

I had just rounded the last bend that leads to my house, a one room apartment noted for the number of children living there, when a bus almost ran me over. I was so irritated that I turned to spill out curses when an inscription behind the bus struck me.

“Little foxes…”

I’ve heard that before somewhere. I tried to recollect but all to no avail. Well, how is that any of my business anyway?

Then I realized, there are several young people out there, who have been greeted with a so-called golden opportunity to become a drug dealer, armed robber, pirate, cyber thief, to fight in a ridiculous religious war sworn to never let peace reign etc. Our little drops of waste here and there slowly becoming a smelly heap and our little drops of faeces is making clean river water undrinkable.

If we could just channel our little drops towards making this country a far better place by standing against bad and evil vices that tear us apart fighting the little foxes that are fast leavening our whole lump.

What kind of country would I want to bring my children into?

Before I got to my door, I had been filled with this renewed hope, my face beaming, my heart beating fast, my brain now saddled with a new responsibility of helping this country from my little corner no matter what. My new responsibility of how to give my own piece of hope to the coming generation has overwhelmed me because a new Nigeria begins with me, and because I can, we all can.

Making Nigeria a great nation, begins with a step, and that step begins with us…with you and I.

My name is Joshua, and that’s my story.

William Akinduyo is a writer, a human right activist and politically inclined Nigerian youth. He believes in youths and in a better Nigeria. He advocates doing good instead of preaching good on Social Media actively. He is a graduate of Federal College of Education, Osiele, Abeokuta.


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