The Nigeria of My Dreams – #ReWriteNaija


There’s an image I worship daily in my heart

An image painted in my dreams for years

One I nurture and cherish, watching it glimmer as diamond,

Valuable as Gold

And that’s the Nigeria of my dreams

Ni-ge-ri-a! My nation…


The scent of her cologne caresses my nostrils each day

She grows taller and mightier, shaping her words beautifully

The Nigeria of my dreams has a big heart

Housing the shame and fame that bears her name


We’ve swam in lies and have been tagged a corrupted nation

We’ve had poverty as buddies, yet filled with riches

We are not the best but we don’t lack a single sense of humour

Think of a nation with complete characters and visit Ni-ge-ri-a

Think of hustlers and overcomers; Nigeria is a perfect match

Nigeria is complete


We coat and euphemize words; deforming them to please our taste

We are geniuses that have gone nuts as a whole

We are Nigerians that have hope between fainting lines


Yet I see between the corruption; a beautiful nation,

Beyond the stony hearts; a heart that loves dearly

The Nigeria of my dreams is a complete mansion in me

Beautifully adorned with new arrays in White and Green




The Nigeria of my dreams reminds me of what tomorrow will be;

Tells me I have hope in the warped nation

I can find purity in whores

And our tainted whites can be without blemish

Sparkling; white as snow

The Nigeria of my dreams is pure


They say dreams fade

But these dreams in me will fade to live and live never to fade

I see light beaming at the end of these struggles

Because there’s a God that keeps watch on us

Nigeria has a place in God’s heart


The Nigeria of my dreams chooses to live;

Chooses peace as home and love to nurture;

Happiness to nourish her well-being

She chooses to remain Ni-ge-ri-a; the pride of the world.

Happy 56th anniversary, Nigeria.


Oluwatosin is currently studying to be a medical doctor. she enjoys writing as much as she enjoys anything that has to do with plantain


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tee_Mee says:

    Her love for plantain!! Nice post Tosin..Nigeria of our dreams shall be a reality sooooooon


    1. Yeeeeëes! Reality is the word!
      Thanks for dropping by


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