Where are the youths in Leadership? 

With the present situation in which Nigeria as a country is stuck into, it is crystal clear that there is the need for a ruler with a vision and not just vision, but a shared vision. That is, a leadership quality in which the leader combines the vision of his followers together with his own with the view of achieving a great outcome.
Why is there no room for youths to lead this country? With a barrage of insurmountable obstacles Nigeria is facing both in the political and economic sector, the youths should be able to do better than the present political old elites controlling the governmental power.
To start with, movement is an important factor in considering the need for youths ruling this country. Sir Isaac Newtons first law of motion which states that An object at rest will remain at rest unless acted on by an unbalanced force. An object in motion continues in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. has a great effect on the cognizance of our aspirations in this country. Things dont move until we move them. Now, the question is HOW CAN WE MOVE?
Yes, we can move by empowering youths with the right education, experience, motive, imagination and good perspectives for the effective administration of Nigeria because Nigeria has now become a crawling baby.
Moreover, since change is impervious to stoppage and the only factor that matters is the way we respond to it, then there is a need for empowerment of youths. This is because we are now in the jet age. The old governing process no longer suits the citizens and also because it has become monotonous and therefore boring to the citizens.
Furthermore, the wool for clothes was on the sheep until man discovered it. The power to generate electricity was in our rivers until we discovered it. All we can see today existed only in their raw forms; we didnt enjoy them until we recognized them and created them into finished goods. We cannot enjoy the youths in this country because we only recognize them by saying youths are the leaders of tomorrow but weve not created them into finished goods leaders!
Youths with right motives may not be enough but they will always contain the potentials for what we need in this country.
As long as we underestimate the youths, we may not take the right step towards getting what we want in this country. There are youths who wish to take a governmental position, they have big dreams and great plans for their nation, but just cannot start themselves into the process of turning their dreams into reality due to the fact that no chance is given to them.
Im not emphasizing on youths being overall leaders. All I’m saying is that strategic positions should be able to work with ease when it comes to overall leadership. Also know that there are three factors about youths that must not be forgotten.
There is something in the youths that Nigeria needs, we need to find it, develop it, then give it commercial value.
Youths are always called Leaders of tomorrow, why not leaders of now? As long as people say Leaders of tomorrow, it will not come to fulfilment for youths to lead this nation. 
People tend to forget that youths have the right to rule and also determine who this country can be ruled by according to franchise.
Im urging both the government and masses to look into this case before its too late.
To conclude with, I strongly believe that if there is room for youth empowerment thereby giving chances for youths to rule this country, Nigeria will change for the better.

Wisdom is an 18 year-old, 300 Level student of FUTA. He hails from Ikot Ansa in cross Rivers State. Writer, Photographer, Poet, Caterer and above all, lover of the gospel. He hosts an Easter program yearly tagged MAJESTY. HE also likes to be called MONARCH

You can reach him on IG: @itz_monarch, twitter: @wisdomjoseph53 , Facebook: Wisdom Joseph and WhatsApp 08090832956. He blogs regularly at monarchspeaks.wordpress.com 


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