​My Ajala Tales | Brunch at Cafe Neo.

I came up with a resolve sometime early in March to try as much new things as I could and explore my surroundings in the best way I could. 

So, you could understand my joy when after talking with a couple of friends about a very serene environment where I could meet up with Halima whom I’ve been working on a project with for sometime now, Cafe Neo came up like twice. 
The last time I heard of Cafe Neo and their services was when I was planning a particular event for a church around Lekki so the name wasn’t strange to me. 
I quickly checked up Google Maps and also discovered they had a branch at Yaba with a 4.3/5 rating which for me was quite impressive and worth trying out.
As I prepared to leave home on Monday, I checked them up on Google Maps again to get a number I could call for detailed directions to the place from Yaba. Alas, the number was switched off. To be honest, my expectations dropped a bit. I expected a bit more from them considering all I had seen and heard but I let it pass and felt it wouldn’t be nice to judge them outrightly knowing it could just be network problems..

Lights,  check! 

Sound, check! 

Smell, check! 

I had this “Where has cafe neo been all my life” smile all over my face. Excellent environment. Just my kind of environment for work. 
I got there around 12:40 and since our meeting had been scheduled got 2 so decided to enjoy myself till then and also finish up on what I was doing on my system. 
Went to the counter to check out the menu and the babe there delivered excellently. Since it was my first time there, she advised what kind of hot drink I go for. In no time, I had ordered my cup of hot chocolate and Chocolate cake. Nice combo!

Since I was a first time visitor, I filled out my info on an iPad that was provided to me and my receipt was immediately forwarded to my email address. Talk of excellent use of technology. No time to waste paper. 
With my earpiece in my ear, brunch in front of me and my laptop connected to internet and power, I entered my world so soon. After which my visitor came about one hour later. 

To be honest, there were a few times we experienced power outage during my stay there but it got restored in less than 60 seconds. I can’t say much about that because I believe that’s more of a general challenge to businesses in Nigeria.

Did I add that you get free Wi-Fi connection throughout the period you stay at Cafe Neo. How could I have forgotten to add that?

I was connected all through my 4 hours plus of staying there. 

Overall, I had an awesome experience and I believe you should try it out too. They have branches on the Island, at Yaba and recently opened at Ikeja

So, if you want us to hang out at Cafe Neo one of these days over pastries and a hot drink, just message me but please let me recover from this one first 😁😁😁

PS: Ajala is a descriptive name given to anyone who loves to travel around. 


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