So Subomi Plumptre made a post today on Facebook evaluating the past quarter and after reading I felt it wouldn’t hurt to also do a review of how the past quarter went. 
The last quarter was all shades of amazing. I had high times and low times alike. I literally shattered ceilings, created new ones worked hard at shattering them too. There were times I received alerts and I literally could tell that my heart beat like 10 times faster and there were times I would check my balance over and over again because all I had was 116.86 naira. 
I’ve been weak, shed tears over and over, broke down a few times but more importantly I’ve been strengthened by my experiences, moulded by deliberate encounters with life and my path is clearer than it has ever been. 
I started a couple of relationships this year [most of them have bloomed beyond my expectations], worked at strengthening the existing ones and understood more the value of having people around. I committed more (especially financially) to my relationships. It got me a bit broke but I really didn’t care. I still don’t. 
I remember having a meeting with Dabest sometime last year and explaining a bit of my confusion to him. To be honest, walking in this year the past one 3 months clarified quite a good number of things to me. I’ve taken on new and exciting jobs, dropped a couple of jobs, explored my uniqueness and more importantly met some really amazing people. 
I took on a decision to start meeting more people and would start embarking on that in this new quarter. 
Risks? I took more of them this year. Nathaniel Babashola can testify to that. I never knew how strong hearted I was until I saw my risk game rise like yeast 😁😁 but it’s been fun anyways. Cheers to more risks in the coming months. 
Work?  I’ve worked my head and lungs out. I’ve been drained. Everyone in the family is more concerned for me now. I’m always working. So, I’m committing more to work that is priority to me and either delegate the rest to others or just turn it down. Life really isn’t always about having all the money. Take it from me. 
In all, I’d be lying if I never said one thing. The most important actually. God’s grace has been super duper abundant. I’ve practically been drowning in His grace. I’m committing more towards our relationship. It’s the most healthy relationship that has happened to me. 
The last quarter was worth embarking on. I can’t wait to see how the next few months would unfold. One thing I’m more willing to do is explore my youthfulness. I mean, what will I tell my children I did as a young man? Thank God for people like Subomi, Abimbola Oladapo and Oluwatosin Faith Kolawole that drummed this into my ears till I finally heard. 
Happy New Month 
So how was the last quarter for you?


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